a psychological account
of a certain crime

Written and Directed by Joseph Lavy

Akropolis Performance Lab’s powerful adaptation of Dostoevsky’s classic novel of alienation, duality, morality, transgression, and justice reveals the mind of a killer in his search for meaning and redemption. 

January 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 @ 7:30 PM
Jan 7 @ 2:00 PM
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Crime + Punishment Teaser!

After a successful world premiere in Ohio, Akropolis Performance Lab’s adaptation of Dostoevsky's masterwork makes its hometown debut.

It begins with a theory that goes something like this: Very great men have a right to do very bad things if doing so allows them to bring greater benefit to humanity.

A debt-ridden, disillusioned university drop-out devises this theory and then acts upon it, murdering two women. He then descends into a guilt-induced fever dream where he is plagued by ghosts of his crime and conscience. In the lower depths of 19th-century Russia, the mysteries of soul and intellect, crime and love are irrevocably entwined to reveal the mind of a killer in his search for meaning and redemption.

Minimal and low-tech yet full of inventive stagecraft and theatrical magic, APL’s telling combines bold dramaturgy with dynamic physicality and a rich musical soundscape of Russian chant and folk song. The production features the distinct and haunting sounds of a hurdy-gurdy, as well as the tight vocal harmonies that have garnered APL two previous Seattle Gypsy Award nominations. The result is a singularly theatrical translation of Dostoevsky’s classic psychological novel of alienation, duality, morality, transgression, and justice.

Written & Directed by Joseph Lavy
Music Director Zhenya Lavy
Featuring Tyler J. Polumsky, Emily Jo Testa, Annie Paladino, Sara Kaus,
Joseph Lavy, Zhenya Lavy, Matt Sherrill
and Jennifer Crooks


Produced by Akroplois Performance Lab || Rigorous, Revelatory Art Theatre.


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This project is supported, in part, by a grant from 4Culture.
Akropolis Performance Lab is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas and a proud member of Network of Ensemble Theaters.

Run time is 3 hours, with 1 intermission. There are 2 gunshots.

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