Champagne of Boors: Fou d'état


We are delighted to present a new collection in our Gallery by Dan Tierney. Below is a brief statement from the artist:


"A long time ago, I heard someone say that creativity is born out of a sense of, “something being wrong”. Without ever really dwelling on it, I accept this to be true, especially in the case of this collection of pictures. Like just about anybody, I feel that there are many things that are wrong. So wrong, that words fail me. All that is left is my need to make pictures. For the better part of a year, making pictures has been my “art therapy”, and the process has been deeply personal; the result, however, doesn’t feel like it’s much about me, at all.

Following August's Champagne of Boors: Extra Brut(e) at the Stacya Silverman Gallery, it was clear that I was nowhere near done. Forty five new "45-themed" pictures will be on display and available for purchase."

All artist proceeds from the sale of the pictures will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, to help continue their efforts "until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream". Their mission of fighting hatred, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice for the most vulnerable people in our society seems more critical than ever."

Donations also accepted.

All of these pictures were created digitally, with the equivalent of free finger-painting and drawing applications. Each piece has been limited to (10) copies.

Sponsors: West of Lenin, Sandbox Radio, "63 Trillion, AJ Epstein, Leslie Law, and Richard Ziman

Dan Tierney || 2017