by Hannah Merrill

The world premiere workshop production of a new play, presented by Parley. 
One night only: Tuesday February 28 at 7:00 pm
Tickets are $10 through reservation!

Teens Amina and Paul have acted out the same scenario for years: Amina, a sharp, self-possessed girl, turns into Magpie—the type of man to tip showgirls with fifty dollar bills. Paul, a sensitive, artistic boy, turns into Marita—the type of woman to wear a double strand of pearls. To their worried parents, it's a game, and a dangerous game at that. To them, it's more—a tantalizing chance to explore a new way of being in the world. But in the face of new sexual attraction and exposed family secrets, the rules of their role-play start to break down, and being Magpie and Marita is suddenly a lot more complicated. A coming-of-age love story featuring astronomy, cross-dressing, and power dynamics.

Written by Hannah Merrill
Directed by Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth
Featuring Grace Carmack, Drew Combs, Greg Brisendine, and Nancy Titus Zerg


Produced by Parley || Make plays, not war.


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